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Edwards: Louisiana to Remain in Phase 2 Until Further Notice

Jon Bel Edwards Louisiana Coronavirus

Louisiana will remain in Phase 2 of the coronavirus recovery but for how long is not certain at this time, Jon Bel Edwards told Talk 107.3 this morning.

“We’ve got to see an extension of the proclamation, exactly what that extension is going to be I don’t know yet,” he said but he said that an announcement would be made soon.

Edwards cited four major factors in the decision to extend that included:

– Having the K-12 and college populations returning to campus
– Possibly having to use mass transit to evacuate residents in Hurricane Laura’s path and having to use shelters
– Not having the level of information and data they normally do as many of the state’s drive-thru testing sites are shuttered this week due to tropical storms
– Despite doing better on key coronavirus numbers, the state is still seeing “more new cases over the last seven days than you want to see per 100,000 population.

The order keeps most businesses at 50 percent capacity, six-feet social distancing, mandatory masks and the bar closing order will be extended before it expires this Friday, August 28.