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Attorney Ron Haley Wants BRPD Investigated for Perkins Rd. Homicide Investigation

Jace Boyd Mugshot Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Attorney Ron Haley has called for an investigation into the BRPD’s handling of the deadly parking lot shooting that took place on Perkins Rd. a few days ago, resulting in the death of 61-year-old Danny Buckley. Mr. Haley feels that the Police should have arrested Jace Boyd, the initial suspect, immediately prior to conducting a thorough investigation.

This is particularly interesting because, in a 2015 murder case which was tried in Judge Trudy White’s court, Mr. Haley represented the defendant, Tajh Harris. Mr. Harris stood accused of gunning down 24-year-old Javontia Davis but was found not guilty by Judge White.

Mr. Haley, who was obviously pleased with the verdict, was quoted after the trial as saying “The stories (the witnesses) gave shortly after the incident took place versus the testimony that was given at trial completely contradicted themselves and contradicted the physical evidence collected at the scene.”

Mr. Haley’s comment implies that perhaps witness statements shouldn’t be the sole focus of a homicide investigation. However, in the case of Jace Boyd, Mr. Haley appears to be upset that the BRPD didn’t make an immediate arrest based solely on witness statements and suggests the BRPD should be subject to investigation themselves for not arresting Boyd immediately. One would think after seeing first hand how an unreliable witness statement could be the sole factor in allowing a potential murderer to be set free, Mr. Haley, who represents the Buckley family, would welcome a thorough investigation to make sure Boyd is convicted and the Buckley family sees justice. However, quite the contrary appears to be true in this case.

Jace Boyd appears to be a loose cannon, especially with the newest evidence that came straight from the arrest warrant. It states that Boyd initially tried to shoot Buckley but his gun misfired. Boyd then reloaded his weapon, aimed at Buckley and shot him in the abdomen, leading to his death. Boyd is right where he needs to be, jail. However, the outcome of the 2015 Harris trial is all the proof you need that homicide investigations need to be thorough, not rushed, regardless of immediate findings and regardless of what an attorney thinks.